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When Googling "towing service near me," you'll get a lot of results. With so many towing services out there, you're probably wondering the best way to choose one. "What makes a high-quality towing service?" you're asking yourself. In this post, we're going endeavor to answer just that with a list of five things you should look for in any towing company before choosing to work with them.

#1 Reliable Towing Service

Reliability is probably the most important quality of a towing company, outside the actual quality of repair, that is! It's the responsibility of towing companies to respond to sudden vehicular breakdowns and, if you experience one, the last thing you need is to feel completely isolated. Towing companies should respond to phone calls and be able to dispatch a truck to your location as quickly as possible.

#2 We Offer 24/7 Towing Services

No matter what towing company you're working with, someone should always be available to come and tow your vehicle, even if it's 4 in the morning on a Sunday! If not, what's the point? Working with a towing company should be thought of as a type of vehicle insurance, and you want to be 100 % ensured that they'll be around for you whenever you need them. Therefore, you should only work with a 24-hour towing service.

#3 We Cover A Wide Service Area

It's not unreasonable to expect a towing service to cover at least a 50-mile radius. When picking a towing company, make sure you choose one that covers a wide area. You never know when you'll have to drive further out than you expected, and problems - unfortunately - have a way of creeping up on us at the most inconvenient times.

#4 We Provide Roadside Assistance

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of having to be towed, your vehicle could be repaired on the spot and you could get back on your way? That's what roadside service is all about - a proper towing company should only tow the vehicle if it's absolutely necessary. If all you need is a tire change and the company refuses to do this on the spot, you can rest assured they want to make sure you're charged more money for being towed and you'll want to find yourself another towing service ASAP.

# 5 We're Properly Licensed & Insured

While rare, sometimes local towing companies are not licensed. This should be a red flag to you, as it means they might not know what they're doing - and so cause more damage to your vehicle than they help - or, in the worst case, be some kind of scam operation looking to acquire a free car or truck. Therefore, ask for proof of license before working with a towing company.


When looking for a company, do your research beforehand and be prepared - you don't want to be in a situation where you need a tow and simply pick the first company you stumble across on your phone. Of course, you can always give us a call, we're Philadelphia's most reliable 24-hour towing service. Call 215-289-5775 for a tow!

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