Ask These Questions When Looking For A Tow Truck Service

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Vehicle towing is undoubtedly, a very technical and sensitive job with hardly any space for mistakes. The fact that most companies have got similar services to offer makes it quite challenging to find the right towing service.

To help you in choosing the right towing company, below are a few important questions to ask them to safeguard your vehicle and get the task done efficiently.

What services do you offer?

It's one of the most important questions to ask whether or not a company is actually capable of towing the specific type of vehicle that you have. Towing jobs can vary in terms of the complexity as well as project-specific requirements. A business needs different types of tow trucks, human resource, and equipment to take up all kind of services. Make sure you don't hire a service that's not rightly equipped to carry out your task to avoid any further vehicle damage.

How long have you been in the towing service?

Make sure that the company you are hiring has got sufficient experience in the towing service. Well-skilled and experienced tow truck drivers are the most crucial to carry out a project quickly, safely and satisfactorily.

Is the company authorized and fully insured?

If your car insurance has got tow truck services for emergencies covered, make sure you go for an approved company for the emergency towing. It's essential for a towing company to have a proper license and authority to take up a particular task.

How quick can your tow truck service get the job done?

Getting stuck in the middle of the road with a troubled engine or a flat tire calls for instant help. And that's why it's significant to check how quickly a towing company can reach you. There are companies who offer round-the-clock emergency towing services and hiring them is surely the ideal choice.

What are the safety precautions you follow when approaching my car?

To avoid criminals from disguising themselves as company professionals, many tow companies undertake certain safety precautions to help you make sure that it is really them approaching your vehicle and not someone else. They may text you when they are getting closer to your car, or even send pictures of the technician that has been assigned to help you, or simply call you when their team has just pulled up behind you. To be safe, always look for a service that takes such precautions.

Where are you towing my car?

A good tow truck service must answer your question by inquiring - where would you like your car to go? They should be willing and equipped to take you to the desired destination within their respective city limits. If you’re stuck at an unfamiliar location and don’t know a mechanic, the company should usually also have a recommendation.

How much can this project cost?

A reliable company will always provide you with an initial cost estimate. Make sure to check whether the service has any additional fees, while also ensuring that they don't overcharge you for the job.

What happens if my car is damaged by your tow truck?

There are times when even a helping hand can accidentally turn out to be more harmful than good when it comes to vehicle breakdowns. A breakdown on the street is not only dangerous but also a very stressful situation. No one would expect a towing truck could cause more damage to your car, but it can happen. And that's why it’s essential to hire a towing company that you can bank upon. Ask them if they offer reimbursement if your car is damaged by their tow truck. If a service practices improper towing jobs, they are liable for the damages done to your vehicle.

For all your towing and roadside needs, our expert technicians at A Bobs Towing are here to provide a job-specific service, that too at absolutely reasonable prices 24/7. Call us at (215) 289-5775 and we will make sure you get a safe, reliable, and quick service in and around Philadelphia PA.

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